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About the EMS Helicopter (Dr. Heli)
University Hospital

QDWhat is the EMS Helicopter (Dr. Heli)?

ADThe EMS Helicopter (Dr. Heli) is designed exclusively for critical care, and is equipped with medical appliances required for primary care. The critical care helicopter system dispatches physicians and nurses with expertise in critical care promptly to sites where there are patients who need it, to provide primary and advanced critical care immediately.

It is not a mere patient transportation system, but is optimized for minimizing the lead-time until primary care, which has proven to increase the survival rate and mitigate aftereffects.

In Aichi Prefecture, Japan, the EMS Helicopter (Dr. Heli) system was introduced in January 2002, with the Aichi Medical University Hospital designated as its base.

EMS Helicopter (Dr. Heli): Photo Gallery

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